To start with.

05/11/2006 Sunday in Mcleod Ganj, Dharamsala, India.






有沒有可能重新開始 ?

(The silver lining.)

A brand new start is always difficult.
However I do not rule out the fact that this is not at all original.
So I have arrived in India, the homeland of the Buddha.
From Paris I have flown,
via the family in Macao in China,
I finally landed right here, in Dharamsala, among the Tibetans in exile.
As many other times, today I have found myself being nowhere but in front of the computer,
making up some lines,
and trying not to lie.

Many have come before me and many are still here.
Searching under the thin layer of Self, we are trying to unveil what is yet beyond sight.
The ambition is certain.
The legend is enlightenment.
Impotent as we are human,
sometimes we simply do not believe that we will ever be succeeded.
So in order not to fail,
we all cling to self-indulgence.

But let us not to worry too much right at the introduction.
For on a ground of experimentation, no conclusion is to be drawn without examination.
And even then, conclusions can always be overthrown with newly found evidences.

So let us lay out the rule right here from the roots.
Be it the very simple capacity to doubt.
Towards any possibility.

Of Truth.


Ainsi dans la logique du langage, je continue mon voyage.
En Inde, chez les Tibétains.
Pas très logique finalement, mais on en connais ; les irrationalités de l’Histoire.

S’agit-il de la rectification donc ?
La rectification vers quoi ? A quel ordre ?

Regardons alors les faits en face.

La Chine a envahi le Tibet par force militaire en 1950. Cette invasion est en effet la première dans l’histoire diplomatique entre des deux pays. Avec des méthodes coloniales sur les plans politique, économique et culturel, l’existence même du Tibet comme un peuple à part entière est gravement menacé. Afin de réunir les forces de résistance, le présent Dalai Lama a enfuis du Tibet en 1959 en Inde, réfugié à Dharamsala, suivi par des milliers de Tibétains depuis.

Ainsi établi le Gouvernement Tibétain en Exil.

Nous avons ici la réalité de l’injustice, la violence de l’occupation et la frustration de l’exile.

A rectifier ? Vers quoi ? A quel ordre ?

Le Tibet libre.
Sans doute.
Un jour.

L’Invasion et la Colonisation ne sont pas des termes étrangers de l’humanité. Tout au long de l’histoire humaine, nous avons envahi et nous avons été envahis. Le plus qu’on puisse dire sur la Nature est le fait elle soit cyclique. La véritable explication de la conception du Karma est les simples notions des Causes et Conséquences. Les interactions pourtant très complexes entre des deux sont d’une part définies par l’Histoire (la Cause), et sont d’autre part mené par nos actions (le Karma) qui dans son tour, définissent les Conséquences. Et les consequences, deviennent l'Histoire.

Qu’il s’agit de la rectification ou pas, nous ne pouvons rien restaurer si ce n’est pas la Nature même qui se mène vers ses différentes manifestations. L’hivers dure longtemps peut-être dans certains pays, mais le printemps vient néanmoins sans faute, jusqu’aux moments quand nous ne serrons plus.

Mais aujourd’hui, nous sommes.

14/11/2006 The translation.

So towards the logic of language, I continue to travel.
In India, among the Tibetans.
Not very logical after all, but we have known; about the irrationalities of History.

Is it about rectification then?
A rectification toward what? What should be the Order?

So let us face the facts.

China has invaded Tibet by military force in 1950. This invasion is indeed the first in the diplomatic history between these two countries. With colonial methods exercised by China on Politics, Economy and Culture, the very existence of Tibet as a distinct people is being gravely threatened. In order to reunite resistance forces, the current Dalais Lama has fled from Tibet to India in 1959, finding refuges in Dharamsala, and was followed by thousands of Tibetans since.

Therefore established the Tibetan Government in Exile.

We have here the reality of injustice, the violence of colonial occupation and the frustration of exile.

To rectify? Towards what? What should be the Order?

The free Tibet.
No Doubt.
One day.
For certain.

Invasion and Colonisation are not foreign terms for Humanity. All along History, we have invaded and have been invaded. The most of which we can learn about Nature is the fact that it is cyclic. The real explanation of Karma is the simple notions of Causes and Consequences. What is more complex however is the interactions between these two and are on one hand defined by History (The Cause), and on the other hand are led by our actions (Karma) which in turn, define the Consequences. And the Consequences become History.

Be it about rectification or not, we can not restore anything if it is not the Nature who leads itself towards its different demonstrations. Winter can last long in certain countries, but spring comes without exception, until the moments when we will be no more.

But today, we are.

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